Durarara!! – Celty Sturluson T-Shirt

The headless biker, Celty Sturulson, is the designated “creepy but hot” character in the anime Durarara!! If you haven’t seen the show yet, be sure to check it out because it’s really cool!

A bit of background on Celty: She’s an immortal character from ancient European folklore who has lost her head and searches endlessly on her dark horse for the person who took it from her. Now in modern times, her dark horse has taken the form of a sports motorcycle, and Celty hides her lack of a head by wearing her cat ears biker helmet. But don’t let the dark atmosphere fool ya! Celty doesn’t have her head, but she still has a kind heart! And Shinra loves her!

And so, here we have a cool Celty T-Shirt in size Men’s Medium. It’s a great item to wear out, and it’s good for gift-giving as well. Any guy who is into anime will have seen or at least heard-of Durarara!! and know who Celty Sturluson is.

Price: $14.00
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