Oreimo – Kirino and Kuroneko Puzzle

Ore no Im?to ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, or “Oreimo” for short (My Little Sister can’t be this Cute). It’s the recent anime about the sweet relationship between a brother and sister. Sometimes, it gets borderline incestual, but it does touch on a lot of interesting social things, like friendship and love relationships.

Here we have two of the main characters of the show, Kirino Kosaka and Gokou Ruri, also known to Kirino and her friends as Kuroneko. This puzzle is 1000 pieces, and will leave you with this really cute poster of the two girls shopping in Akihabara, with Kirino basking in the glory of a new erogame. 🙂

Price: $24.76 Out of stock
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