Privacy Policy

Why do we ask for your Email address?
We use your Email address to contact you when you win a prize from one of our many contests or to inform you of specials that we may be having. Other than that, we might contact you if something unexpected happens to your business transaction such as: orders, shipments, and answering the questions you might have. Takoyaki Anime will NEVER provide, share, or offer your Email addresses to anything, anyone, anytime. At any time, if you feel that you don’t want to receive Email from us anymore, send us a word, phrase, or paragraph and ask us to remove you from our list and we will do so. We are happier to know that you’re enjoying the fan mail than being uneasy about it!

What do we do with your shipping address?
We use your ship-to address to: ship the goods to your place. Pretty obvious isn’t it? We also use it for generating purchase orders and invoices to keep our business functioning as a whole. All postal addresses are kept for those purposes only. Takoyaki Anime will not sell or distribute them because we don’t dig that idea, and it is not something we find appreciative from a consumer’s perspective.

What about my phone number?
Unless you prefer being contacted by Takoyaki Anime over the phone, there is no reason for us to have your phone number(s) in the first place. We keep your contact information between you and our company and no one else.

You’re not going to run away with my credit card information are you?
Actually, we do not keep a record of your credit numbers. Everything is through the systems of merchant processing companies. So, we never had a record of it in the first place. We also do not intend to seek out for your personal payment or credit card information under any circumstances other than charging for the exact amount that you have purchased the item from us for.

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