Soul Eater – Shinigami Chop Glove

SHINIGAMI CHOP!!!!! Smack down the forces of evil with this powerful demonic chop glove. This item is taken from the anime Soul Eater and is part of Shinigami’s arsenal of powerful attacks used for punishing students and vanquishing foes. Feel the disciplining attack of the school principal.

But you too can use it to slap (or CHOP) your friends and enemies. It’s sure to cause some funny damage and will make you the life of the party. Use it for some comic relief in your life or even to complete your Shinigami-sama cosplay outfit.

The Shinigami-sama Chop Glove is large like a small pillow and delivers destructive force. Be careful when using it, or you may destroy the world.

Shinigami Chop Glove is right-hand only.

Price: $14.00
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4 Responses to Soul Eater – Shinigami Chop Glove

  1. jacob says:

    that looks cool i might get it :/

  2. ShinigamiNoNeko says:

    How much is shipping?

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