Sword Art Online – Kirito & Asuna Plushies

Awww… Kirito and Asuna, what a cute couple. Rescue both of them from the game world, and give them a new home in your bedroom, or wherever else you like to put kawaii stuffed animals.

This single purchase includes both Kirito and Asuna… together… happily. See their joyous smiles? It’s only because they’re together! So you have to get both!

Price: $26.00
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5 Responses to Sword Art Online – Kirito & Asuna Plushies

  1. Sasori Himura says:

    I would like to buy these plushies, please sell them on eBay together as 1 pack and I will be abliged to buy them. Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi there, we don’t have a store on Ebay. Is there a particular reason why you would like to purchase from there?

      • Sasori Himura says:

        It is because that is where I can buy items, although I do not mind if you sell it on Amazon or any other online shop.

        • admin says:

          Unfortunately, we don’t have an Amazon or Ebay store. Selling directly from this website allows us to avoid extra fees and list the prices a little bit cheaper than otherwise.

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